I will have two paintings hanging in Gallery 1261’s show, “A Friendly Challenge.”  The opening reception is tonight from 6-9pm and the work will be on display through to July 18.

The idea of the show was for each participating gallery artist to invite an outsider friend to participate.  I picked my favourite figurative painter in the vast white north, the incredible Tara Juneau, who, incidentally, is the model in “O Sorrow.”  She exclusively works from life and paints in oils in spite of a solvent allergy, so she’s hardcore.  Most artists’ problem is a shortage of good work to ship to a gallery, so it kind of makes my left eye twitch when I survey Tara’s massive stash of beautiful paintings that she just doesn’t have time to ship to a gallery, because apparently shipping is way harder than painting.  So Dave and I took it upon ourselves to pack up four of her paintings and send them off.

O Sorrow

O Sorrow, 27×17″

Two of Tara Juneau’s paintings that will be on display:

Tara Juneau_Andromeda and the Blue Sky

Andromeda and the Blue Sky, 39×24″


Tara Juneau_Soft Green small

Soft Green, 17×14″