Katherine Stone Bio ImageKatherine Stone has been steadily acquiring international recognition for her meticulously detailed still life and figurative paintings. In recent years her still life paintings have received acknowledgment in many popular art competitions and magazines, including the Art Renewal Center, International Artist Magazine, and Southwest Art Magazine. Her skill in portraiture has garnered recognition by the Portrait Society of Canada, the Portrait Society of America, and has led to an appearance on Bravo! – Show Star Portraits.

Katherine Stone was born in 1986 in Bangor, Maine, to Canadian parents, and consequently is both a Canadian and an American citizen.  She was fortunate to have been born into a family that appreciated the arts and was encouraged in her aspiration Artists David Gluck and Katherine Stoneto pursue oil painting as a career.  With her parents’ support, she began to study oil painting with Edmonton artist Isabella Orzelski Konakowski at the age of thirteen.  She later attended Victoria School of the Performing and Visual Arts for high school. In 2004 she moved to Toronto, where she began her professional career and met her husband, artist David Gluck.  They married in 2007 and Dave immigrated to Canada.

Being married to a fellow artist with a sympathetic artistic vision has profoundly affected Kate.  Having met each other just as they each launched their professional careers, they have had a strong influence on each other stylistically and thematically. In 2011, Kate and Dave moved to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, where they live in a farmhouse with a German Shepherd and seven chickens.  The new environment has provided new influences and direction for her art.  In February of 2016 they welcomed a baby son.

Photo credits: Snapdragon Imagery and Kim Yanick Portraits

In April 2016 Kate Stone did an interview with local TV programmer, Daphne Goode:

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