Dave and I have work showing in Gallery 1261’s current show, Figurative I. The work will be hanging until April 26th, alongside gorgeous paintings by Mia Bergeron, Vincent Xeus, and Daniel Sprick, to name a few of my favourites. It’s at moments like these that I wish that plane tickets grew on trees, because so many of my favourite contemporary artists were in this show.

O Sorrow by Katherine StoneThe show preview was covered by the April issue (issue 114) American Art Collector. John O’Hern had this to say about my painting O Sorrow:

“The finely rendered hands and face of Katherine Stone’s O Sorrow emerge from a suggestion of funeral veil and a violent abstract background. William Butler Yeats wrote about “red mournful lips” in his poem The Sorrow of Love. Stone’s mourner seems caught in a moment of erotic memory despite her sorrow.
Often inspired by poetry, Stone picks the best parts of a number of photographs to assemble into her figure paintings and never shies from difficult subjects.”

To see the complete catalogue, visit the gallery’s website: