“Katherine Stone’s approach to art is traditional with an emphasis on technique and fine craftsmanship. In the past year she has won First Place and People’s Choice in the biannual Portrait Society of Canada Portrait Competition, received a Certificate of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America, and has placed in half a dozen international art competitions including the prestigious ARC International Salon.” – Artodyssey

“A talented artist who is unswervingly committed to the realist genre, Katherine Stone speaks to the inspiration behind her poetic compositions and her enthusiasm for realist painting.” – Jeffrey Carlson Editor, Fine Art Today, Fine Art Connoisseur

“Katherine Stone fuses 17th- and 18th-century painting techniques with contemporary styles such as photorealism in her luminous portraits and still lifes. According to Stone, technology enables her to render the meticulous details and rich colors that characterize her pieces: “When it is necessary to work from photo references, say for a portrait, I use my laptop instead of prints. The colors are better and I’m able to zoom in to examine texture and detail.” She uses chiaroscuro and other traditional techniques to diffuse hard edges and create dramatic light effects. Stone also incorporates symbolic objects into her compositions—including skulls, dead birds, flowers, and books—which allude to the passage of time, life and death, and decay and regeneration.” – Artsey Editorial

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