Old Music


18×32″, oil on linen, 2010


Private Collection


Honourable Mention, Emerging Artist: 21 Under 31 Competition, Southwest Art Magazine
      Publication: The Artist’s Magazine
      Editor: Chris McHugh
      Title: “Still Life/Floral” 2009 Competition Winners
      Byline: Meredith E. Lewis Honorable Mention

“In the story [I read as a child], the gifted musician Orpheus ventures into the Underworld to recover his dead lover Eurydice,” Stone recalls. “He plays music for the King of the Underworld, and his music so moves the Queen that she pleads with her husband to allow Eurydice to rejoin Orpheus among the living. The King agrees that Eurydice may follow Orpheus out of the Underworld, under the condition that Orpheus does not look backwards.

“As Orpheus approaches the mouth of the Underworld,” Stone continues, “he can’t resist glancing behind to see if Eurydice really is following him. As he does so, he breaks his agreement with the King and Eurydice is lost to him forever. He smashes his lyre at the entryway to the Underworld. The illustration for this story showed a hidden, overgrown door with a broken lyre hanging from it. The image really struck me as a child, and it reincarnated itself in my painting. The broken French horn and the old photograph of the pretty woman are a new representation of this story.”

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