20×30″, oil on panel, 2015


Recipient of 4th place prize at the Portrait Society of America’s 2015 International Portrait Competition

Maddie is a favourite model of mine. She has modeled for me since she was a tot and her growth has been charted in “The Firefly,” “Glad the Birds Are Gone Away,” “Maddie,” and many more smaller studies and sketches besides. Maddie is growing up quickly and I wanted to get in at least one more painting of her as a child before she slips into teenagerhood. “Poppet” is a term of endearment for a small child, and at one point meant a small doll or effigy resembling human form.  From it we get the word “puppet.”  The well-loved doll in this painting is ratty, worn out, and on it’s last legs.  It will soon be time to put it aside.

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