The Huntsman’s Bride


18×24″, oil on panel, 2014


2014 “The Uncanny,” S. R. Brennen Galleries, Santa Fe NM

2015 “Figurative One,” Gallery 1261, Denver CO

This painting was originally inspired by Charlotte Mews’s poem “The Farmer’s Bride,” a story about a farmer whose crudeness and insensitivity of spirit alienate his wife, but it grew with a direction of its own and became “The Huntsman’s Bride.” Featured is a young woman in wedding garb whose youth and beauty and force of life are contradicted by the grim gifts of fur and bone bestowed on her by her groom. She has been transformed into a hybrid being, at once herself and a phantom of another person’s heart. It was my intention that the juxtaposition of youthful beauty against these artifacts of death would call to mind the age-old conceit of Death and the Maiden.

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