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My husband and I share a studio in Cowichan Bay, BC,  where we endeavor to offer the best black and grey and colour realism tattoo work on Vancouver Island.

We operate our business separately within the shared studio space. There is no central phone line or desk person.  Please don't assume that because we're married, we know how to communicate properly. Ha! If you want to talk to one of us, email that person directly. We are by appointment only.

We're right
here. 1725 Cowichan Bay Rd, Cowichan Bay, BC. We're down the little alleyway next to the bakery.

I open my books once or twice a year after announcing it on Instagram.  Please get in touch by email ( or my contact form and tell me your concept, phone number, placement, phone number, and let me know if you are local or will be traveling.  Also include your phone number.  If reaching out by email, please attach inspiration photos: reference images, examples of tattoos you like, and, if we are tattooing near existing tattoos or doing a cover up, good photos of that area of your body.  Please have someone help you take them, and please make sure they are safe for work.  I batch process phone consultations and will call as soon as I have a few to do.

I sometimes get backed up.  If you haven’t heard from me after a week, please try again.

Special considerations
Please let me know in advance if you have mobility issues, special needs, medical concerns, a need for privacy during the tattoo, or anything else.  I want my clients to feel comfortable and safe in the studio.

We have ramp access to our studio. Please let me know if you would like to know more about the accessibility of the environs.

Shop Etiquette
Sometimes it's a full house at the shop, so please be mindful of your belongings and noise level.  While in the shop please have the sound notifications on your phone turned off and please wear headphones if you want to watch or listen to something on your device.  Please ask before depositing your belongings onto counter tops or moving objects from one surface to another, as we need to keep our fields from getting contaminated. The floor is lava. Once something goes on the floor, it stays on the floor.


Also please remember to wear clothing that will strategically cover and reveal and keep you comfortable and warm.   Some clients bring a blanket, and layers are always a good idea. Please be mindful that the other client on site might not be as comfortable with you chilling in your skivvies as you are.

Covid-19, flu, etc
We are up to date on our jabs. We ask clients to cancel if they feel sick, or to be prepared to wear a mask.

My rate in 2023 is $190/hr inclusive, and I don’t bill for breaks or set up.  A typical full day session includes 4-6 billable hours.  Please plan to stick around for the full day. I will happily reschedule you for a different day if you cannot. I accept cash and eTransfer.

It’s impossible to give an estimate for how long your tattoo will take to complete.  Factors such as skin type, pain tolerance, detail, and location all come into play.  Colour work takes 2-3 times longer than black and grey work of similar size and complexity.

Deposit Policy
Booking requires an eTransfer payable to, of $150.  This includes a $50 design fee and a $100 deposit.  Both are refundable with two weeks’ notice of a cancellation if I haven’t yet started the design.  If I have started the design, I will keep the design fee but return the deposit.  Only one deposit is required for multiple bookings.  The deposit will be moved forward to the next appointment until the final appointment, at which point it comes off the day’s total.  No-shows and short notice cancellations (less than one week) result in forfeiture of the deposit.  Major changes in the direction of the project concept will require a fresh start on the design and a new design fee.  The design fee and deposit are payable after our phone consultation.

I reserve the right to turn away clients and return their deposits, but I will keep the design fee if I have done design work.

Your tattoo will be bandaged with “second skin,” which is like Saran Wrap with medical grade adhesive on one side.  You will be able to admire your beautiful new tattoo and show it off without removing the bandage.  This bandage stays in place for 5-7 days and makes the healing process fool proof.  It’s important that you plan now to avoid submerging in water for 3-4 weeks (showering is fine).  That means no swimming, sitting in the hot tub, or taking baths—so please consider how the timing of your appointment might affect any plans you have for recreation, vacationing, etc.  You will also want to put exercise and any sweat-inducing activity on hold for 5-7 days until the bandage comes off.  After the bandage comes off, you will moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.



If you are inquiring about a tattoo, please describe your concept and include your phone number.  I will not respond to messages missing this information.  If you have inspiration photos for me to look at, please email me instead with your images:

My books are open, but due to high volume of inquiries, I might not be able to take your project. I'm always keen to take on large tattoos featuring animals, plants, faces, demonic, witchy, or dark things. I love themed concepts. I love unusual and funny ideas. Eighties movie-themed sleeve? Sign me up. Your friend's face on your butt? Get in my chair, now. Your butt on your friend's face? I'm good at taking money and not asking questions.  I also love making a client's personal vision come true, so hit me with your own ideas, too.

Thanks for submitting!

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